About us

Logo of Drivkraft Norge with organic background image divided in three parts

Drivkraft Norge is an association that represents the interests of fuel and energy companies in Norway.

Our fields of work are stationary energy use and energy used for transportation purposes. We represent members that distribute gasoline, diesel, biofuels, charging solutions for electric cars, hydrogen, propane, lubrication oil, aviation fuel and heating oil.

Our main objective is to coordinate the industry's views on issues of common interest, where this can be achieved without affecting the competition between the member companies. The main areas of our involvement are energy and environmental policies.

We also:

  • Represent the industry in government and industrial bodies,
  • Develop industry standards,
  • Represent Norway in CEN standardization committees,
  • Run information campaigns and assist journalists with information about the industry,
  • Collect and distribute industry statistics.

We cooperate with the other European petroleum associations, directly and through Europia, Eurofuel and Concawe.

Please contact us if you find anything of interest on our website that you need translated into English. You can reach us at .